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Room To Grill

The Madera M 430 comes with a removable upper shelf that increases your cooking area if you are barbecuing for a large group of people.  Add 2 more shelves for enough room to BBQ as many as 10 racks of ribs!


The Hopper Stopper

One of the great advantages of a pellet grill is the different types of wood you can use to add distinct natural flavor to your barbecued food.  So how easy is it to change those pellets in your grill?  Watch this video to see how easy it is to switch from one type of wood to another with the Madera Hopper StopperTM.

Quick Grilling Zone

Instantly activate direct flame grilling.  Indirect cooking is the hallmark feature of a pellet grill, but what about the times when you want to sear steaks or grill burgers?  The quick grilling zone  in the Madera grill makes this so easy.  You don’t have to remove you cooking grids or replace any parts, simply slide a handle and place your food on the center grid.