Natural Wood Fired Cooking

The Madera grill uses 100% natural hardwood pellets in a variety of flavors. Instead of plain gas grilled food; cook some Texas mesquite chicken, Hickory smoked ribs, or Apple grilled sausages.

Indirect Cooking.
Smoking-ribsWith the Madera’s indirect cooking, heat and natural wood smoke are constantly circulating around your meat keeping it juicy and evenly cooked.  With Indirect cooking you do not have to baby sit your food, the Madera can provide low even temperatures for hours of slow cooking.  Cook large cuts of meat like pork shoulder, or brisket to a perfect temperature by using the included meat probe.

Direct Cooking.
The Quick Grill Zone™ allows you to grill steaks, chops, and vegetables over high heat to quickly seal in flavor and juices.  Any cut of meat that takes less than 25 minutes to cook will benefit from the direct cooking method.

Slow Smoking.
Whole turkeys, fish, nuts, and ham are just a few of the foods that benefit from a natural smoke flavor.  With the Madera’s custom smoke settings, you can choose the perfect amount of smoke flavor that is added to your food.

Baking and so much more.
fun-with-smoresNow you can expand your outdoor cooking experience with temperature controlled convection cooking.  Cook almost any recipe that you would cook in your oven using the Madera.  Have fun with the family outside cooking fresh bread, chocolate chip cookies, stuffed southwest peppers, or a smoked cheesecake (seriously, try it!)